Head to Tail Bags – Cute Handbags To Sew for Kids

Head to Tail Bags

And now presenting my brand new pattern: Head to Tail Bags! This pattern comes with four fun designs (a lizard, a bear, a piggie, and a chick) so you can make different bags for different kids. And they are the perfect size for holding handfuls of treasures or to wear as an adorable fashion accessory.

Group Shot From Behind
I'm kind of in love with their behinds.

Baby and Bear Bag
Step-by-step photos, full-sized templates and clear written instructions in language you can understand make this pattern super user friendly. Get it now for $9.00 in my Etsy shop. Thank you!


  1. Susan Kunze says

    oh, gosh, they’re cute! I don’t know which I like better – the smiles or the rear ends, and they’re even better in a group.

  2. says

    Thank you! I stretched a clothesline across our front yard from the oak tree to a garbage can to get that shot. To say that my neighbors think I'm crazy is an understatement. The other night I was flat on my stomach in the yard at 7:30 pm taking pictures of a plush ram. Many, many people walking their dogs passed me. Oh my.

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