Soft Rattle Balls to Sew: Free Tutorial

Soft Rattle Balls to Sew Cover

Sew a basket full of soft rattle balls in a rainbow of colors (or do all black and white!). These are a great toddler toy, and they're also fun juggling balls for older kids.

To make a soft rattle ball you'll need:

  • two 8" x 5" scraps of fabric (I used fleece, but almost any sort of fabric will work)
  • fiberfill stuffing
  • all-purpose thread
  • chalk for marking
  • a rattle insert (optional, but fun!)

Sa cover

These balls are constructed just like real baseballs. The template is in my book, Stuffed Animals, and you can download all of the templates from the book right here for free. You'll find the softball on page 4 at the bottom.

Trace the template onto the two pieces of fabric and cut them out. Transfer the markings to the fabric with chalk.

Ball Assembly

Align the two pieces at the markings. Place a pin at the intersection. Then begin pinning the edges together. Keep going, pinning all the way around.

Ball stitched and clipped

Using a 1/4 inch seam allowance, stitch around the entire shape. Be sure to leave an inch unstitched for turning and stuffing. Clip the seam allowance.

Turn and Stuff the Ball

Turn the ball right side out. I love hemostats for this job, but you can use a chopstick or your fingers. Now stuff the ball firmly.

Rattle Insert

To make it rattle, slide a rattle insert inside while you’re stuffing. Push bits of stuffing all around it to pad it and keep it from shifting. Close the opening with ladder stitch.

Make a bunch more. Have fun!

Soft Rattle Balls



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  1. Margo says

    Very cute! I like the colors you chose. I still have a couple of rattle inserts so I’ll have to try this out.

  2. Margaret says

    What a cute idea for a soft toy for a small child. I am looking forward to making these colourful balls.

  3. says

    Love the shape of this ball – like a tennis ball, but more kid-friendly and prettier! Didn’t know we could download the book templates online. Thanks for sharing! Hope your book is doing well!

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